ShareReady™Cloud Data Sharing

Increasing workforce mobility coupled with prevalent ‘bring your own device’ policies presents new challenges to businesses. Workforces expect to access data anytime, anywhere, and from any device, while IT teams are charged with delivering availability, security, and data sovereignty.

ShareReady™ is a secure, highly available, fully managed, Australian private cloud file storage and sharing service. It provides the flexibility of widely available personal services such as DropBox while maintaining levels of security, access control, and ownership to satisfy corporate information policies. Data mobilisation functionality enables secure access to vital data stored on internal NAS and File Servers by remote staff and teleworkers.

This fully managed service is scalable to petabytes of data and tens of thousands of end-users in a capacity-on-demand basis, provides enterprise-grade management tools and full Active Directory/LDAP support, and replicates to geo-diverse locations to ensure the highest levels of availability are delivered.


All data is stored privately in Australia, by an Australian company. In-flight and an-rest encryption is employed to ensure your data remains yours. Full auditing of access and activity.


User-friendly access is provided by native applications for PC, iOS, Android and MAC, as well as web browser access for all platforms.  Simple one-click file sharing for sharing files with customers and vendors.


Centralised management tools enable integration with your Active Directory or other LDAP for authentication, and mobilisation of internal files kept on file servers and SAN.

Access storage anytime, anywhere.

Fully replicated between geo-redundant data centres

Data always resides within Australia

Minimal to no training required

Capacity on demand, grows with your business

Integrates with Microsoft Active Directory and LDAP. Team sharing with full ACL support

Seamless integration with Windows Explorer

Fully managed service, monitored by our Network Operations Centre

Enterprise-grade, centralised management tools.

iOS, Android, PC and Mac compatible

One click file sharing of any size, with anyone

Data encrypted in-light and on-disk. All access and activity audited

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