DataReady™Cloud Backup Service

Our DataReady backup service is a fully managed, online data backup service that eliminates the heavy reliance on tape and tape systems. DataReady provides customers with a minimum of 3 months online data retention and allows customers to quickly and easily restore data online via our Global View user web portal. DataReady allows customers to benefit from highly reliable remote backup more cost effectively than internal tape based systems. Advances in backup technology such as direct-to-disk and data de-duplication allow full server backups, that normally take hours to finish, to be completed in minutes. Data is automatically transferred offsite every night to our secure data storage facilities eliminating messy tape rotations and the possible human errors that are the cause of most data losses.

Global View enables customers to login to view their backups and restore all data sets from a single file or email to an entire server image. For customers wanting to leverage faster restores, a client-side restore appliance can be implemented to cache the most up to date backup data sets locally. As a fully managed service, customers no longer need to allocate their own internal resources to software maintenance, hardware upgrades, tape rotations and costly reliability and support issues. DataReady provides enhanced SLA levels to customers over traditional backup strategies.


High protection and prevention of data loss to business


Through faster, reliable online restores


Regulatory compliance


Reduces TCO on infrastructure & IT resources

Reduces CAPEX services; charged as capacity on-demand monthly OPEX payment

Eliminates reliance on manual tape systems

Provides highly efficient remote backups reducing exposure to human errors

Eliminates tape shipping, handling, and storage costs

Shortens backup windows

Web portal provides easy to use self-recovery & reporting tools

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