CloudReady™vCloud Services

Global Storage’s CloudReady vCloud services deliver a complete, integrated cloud infrastructure solution that provides rapid access to IT resources and simplifies IT operations whilst delivering the best SLAs for your business applications. CloudReady vCloud services can be used in flexible and elastic private and hybrid cloud deployment combinations designed to coexist and integrate with your existing datacentre environments.

This allows businesses to selectively choose whether infrastructure is owned by the business or delivered as a service. CloudReady helps you realize the benefits of cloud computing, with the full confidence that your data will never be stored outside the country.


CloudReady™ IaaS vCloud Service delivers a complete High Availability Infrastructure strategy for your IT environment, backed by a 99.99% uptime guarantee


Guarantees an experienced and expert Cloud team dedicated to serving your business, using industry best practices, proven processes and methodologies


Global Storage’s Cloud services allow your business to leverage from our significant and continued investment in Cloud infrastructure and N+1 Data Centre redundancies

Eliminates single points of dependency and risk within your organisation

Releases internal IT staff and resources to focus on the value that IT can provide at the business level

True Agile and Flexible Service on demand computing deliver new IT services that fuel business growth

More rapidly create and deploy services that differentiate the business

True on demand means you only pay for what you use and your business requires

Transform IT into a source of innovation and unlock IT resources and reinvest in services that advance business goals

Ensure IT efficiency, agility, and reliability while delivering enterprise SLAs for tier 1 applications, securing the business even across diverse cloud environments

Provides your business accurate and on-demand reporting on uptime and usage

No large CAPEX outlay for Infrastructure and subsequent increases in CPU, memory, storage or network requirements

Addresses your companies growing business compliance and general insurance issues

Provides optional enterprise class replication & recovery capabilities to run your production environment at 100% capacity during a Disaster

Compete optional Bi-Annual testing of your entire IT environment

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